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Download a database and have full access for a full 30 days to see what altercations you would like to make and or if the database is perfect the way it is. These databases will be shut down after the 30 day trial. To read more about the Terms and Conditions on downloaded databases please visit our T&C page. As always we hope we helped you have a better tomorrow today! below you will find Downloadable Databases, Built in database Blog, Database Instructions, and access our How 2 Videos to be get training and or answer questions your may have. You must have Microsoft Access installed on your PC in order to run our databases, if you need to download a copy for free please Click Here.

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Database Name Summary of Database Download Link Video
Varitiez Advanced Database This database has several uses to it like: storing Customer records, invoicing customers, applying promotions and discounts, notating accounts, viewing and printing reports, printing basic forms, sending forms via email, and much more.
Varitiez Apartments Database This database was designed for a couple to be able to assist them in their apartment search. It allowed them to put all Apartments they found in one location and filter the information. This allowed them to quickly see what apartments best fit their needs. It also allowed them to be able to email, print, and save their list.
Varitiez Groceries Database This database has was created for a single mom at home wanting to make it easy for her kids and her self to add items to a grocery list when needed. She needed something that was quickly accessible on her tablet for her kids to see this as a game to add items to her needed list. It prints and is easily accessible to add, remove and edit features.
Varitiez Facilitator Database This database was created to help a partner company with how they prepare for a New Hire class in their company. A lot of paperwork, emails, and communication is needed. When I first started with them everything was memorized and new trainers needed to write a lot of things down and follow check lists. Now with this database they are able to complete the new hire process in less then 5 minutes. They also do not have to duplicate efforts to enter information for example. they would have to print a class list, certificates, emails, request system access, etc and all containing the same information associates name employee id number and start/end date. With this database they are now able to enter the information once and let the database do the rest with just a click of a button. This database also handles multiple departments (7) within this organization.
Varitiez Billz Tracker Database This database was designed to help individuals track and pay bills. This will contain 12 months worth of data for the payee that the customer is paying. An example is if the customer has a monthly payment with company x they will enter this companies information into the database and their monthly payment. They can alter the payment amounts per month.

Because each database is a trial you will need to have internet access in order to get past the splash screen. Below you will find a live Announcement that is built into most of our databases on the main screen. This is able to help new users be able to navigate or those who have questions regarding the database. This is able to be updated by all users and Varitiez Staff. The comments/questions/concerns must be kept professional or it will be deleted.

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By VARITIEZ, STAFF on 2017-07-23 22:21:02

Hello and Welcome to Varitiez,

Listed above are things that people are sharing with our databases that everyone is experimenting with.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out to us on here. This form is located on ever database on the main page. It does require to have internet access as this is a blog.

By submitting anything on this online form it will post on our website and in all our databases. You here by give us permission on a permanent bases to use this information.

You can find more information by visiting

By VARITIEZ, STAFF on 2016-04-24 23:48:26

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