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Thank you for starting the process in joining the Varitiez Team. The application process is filling out this application were we obtain your information. You upload your resume and complete an application exam. Then wait for an HR representative to contact you.

Background Information:

The following information is needed to contact you.


Please Rank all the language skills that you possess.

Copy and Paste your resume:

You must have a resume in order to apply.

Additional Information

Answer the following Questions.

Do not include traffic violations, sealed or expunged. An answer of yes will NOT automatically disqualify you from consideration for employment. Factors such as the date and seriousness of the offense, and the relationship between the conviction and the duties/responsibilities of the applied for position, will be considered.

By sending this application the applicant hereby certifies that the answers to the foregoing are true and correct. I agree if the information is found to be false in any respect, including omission of information, I will be subject to dismissal without notice. I authorize you to investigate all information in this application. I hereby authorize my former employers to release information pertaining to my work record, habits, and performance. I understand that additional background investigation may be necessary for certain positions. Should I become an employee of Varitiez, I understand that my employment will be for no definite term, and that I will have the right to terminate my employment at any time, at mu convenience, with or without cause or reason. I further understand that Varitiez will have the same right. I understand that I am expected to comply with all Company rules and regulations, but that such rules do not create a contract between me and the Company. I understand and agree that any handbook I receive will not constitute an employment contract, but will be a statement of the Company's current policies. I understand that before any offer of employment is finalized, I will be required to submit to a urine drug screen and a background check. The drug screen will be conducted at a controlled substances, I understand that I will not be permitted to commence work for the Company, or I will be terminated if I already commenced work.

Employment Test:

Varitiez requires that each applicant complete the Varitiez employment Test to be considered for employment. Please answer each question.

(Questions without a response will receive no score.)

I always tell the truth, regardless of the circumstances.
I disagree with people a lot.
I sometimes feel resentful when I do not get my own way.
I am always patient with people, regardless of the circumstances.
I am able to cooperate with others
I can only concentrate under calm, quite circumstances.
I am often complimented on my work habits.
I can easily work under pressure.
I like to take charge.
I strive for perfection in everything I do.
I don't need to know much about a product in order to sell it.
I am always courteous, even to those people who are disagreeable.
I believe in 'going the extra mile' in everything I do.
I rarely lose my temper
There have been times when I was jealous of the good fortunes of others.
I have never been annoyed when people express ideas different from my own.
I like to be personally responsible for the satisfaction of customers.
I would rather be paid a steady salary then be paid by result.
I often have problems getting along with others.
My work is affected when I'm under a great deal of stress.
I do not think work is very important.
I consider myself to be a composed steady person.
I can advance as far in my career as I want to if I work hard.
When selling, it is more important to talk then to listen.
I take pride in my work.

Place the following in alphabetical / numerical order.

Question A.
Question B.
Question C.
Question D.
Question E.
Question F.
Question G.
Question H.

In what month did the North Ravenwood store have the highest sales for product and installation sales?

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